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The VOOMcart story.

Kid-toting, cargo-friendly strollers were the original inspiration behind the VOOMcart. Power-walking while we ran errands kept us fit, connected and happy. It wasn't until the kids outgrew the strollers and we were back in our cars, that we realised how trapped we felt in traffic and how much we missed our regular walks. We wanted our wheels back but there was no way we were going the route of a granny cart. That was when we decided to create VOOMcart.

The designers of VOOMcart have spent the last few years designing, engineering and testing prototypes to deliver an innovative solution to inspire active transportation.

VOOMcart's vision is that a simple, efficient and stylish new design will inspire millions of people to walk more. We want to start a revolution around the oldest, and cleanest, form of transportation there is.

VOOMcart will generate a seperate tracking number from AUSTPOST.   I confirm all orders within 24 hours, but shipping with Australia Post can take up to a week.


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VOOMcart - Green
  • $349.95
VOOMcart - Grey
  • $349.95
VOOMcart - Black
  • $349.95